Alpha Queue by The Poynt EP Review

You don’t have to look far to find someone whinging about guitar music being dead and today’s bands being soulless. But judging by what I’ve heard from the bands who’ve emailed me with their music recently, that’s just not true. A case in point (geddit) is Alpha Queue, the newest EP by Queens, NY based band The Poynt. It’s everything rock and roll should be.

It’s catchy and fast paced without being boring, and undeniably energetic and motivating. I’m currently listening to it whilst on a rail replacement bus which is taking about 14 times longer than it should but I still feel good, and that’s not easy to achieve.

‘This Dying World’, the first track on the EP, gets it off to a good start with a strong beat, electrifying guitar and pleasantly chilled vocals. ‘Not Quite Jesus’, my favourite song on the EP, follows it up, again packed with tantalising guitar hooks but this time with even more of a feel good, sing along vibe – but easily avoiding being cheesy or overdone. ‘Open Your Mouth’ continues with the same strong guitar, beat and vocals, all of which make it the kind of EP you’ll replay as soon as you finish it. ‘Back Home’ is slightly slower and sadder, with the minor key making listening to it a slightly different experience, but nonetheless one which you’ll love. ‘Disguise, Disfraz’ with the lyric “my English isn’t clear I’ll speak in Spanish” keeps the light hearted feel of the EP going strong, whilst still being a proper tune. “Thousands of followers but no one gives you their heart” provides a mature and insightful lyric which shows the versatility of the band. Alpha Queue is 30 minutes of high quality, unusual and well thought out music which makes your day a little bit better.

More complex than your average alternative rock EP, this four-piece are reminiscent from everyone from Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath (which is definitely a good thing) to The Amazons and Jet. ‘Back Home’ is impossible to listen to without thinking of Nirvana’s ‘Something in the Way’ but the overall sound created is truly unique. The production of Alpha Queue has managed to make it sound polished and mature without sounding too smooth, which is exactly what you want to hear.

Alpha Queue is the kind of EP which you’re going to fall in love with and listen to again and again. It’s fluid and clever and funny and powerful – what’s not to like?

Listen to Alpha Queue here

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Visit their website here


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