Top 5 Reading and Leeds picks

This summer, I’m going to Leeds Festival. I am SO excited, so to get me (and anyone else) even more excited I’m sharing the top 5 bands I think are worth seeing at Reading/Leeds.

The Sound of Summer

Although the current torrential downpour might suggest differently, summer is here. To celebrate the beginning of festival season and the end of exams I’ve put together a small selection of some of my favourite songs for this time of year. Both old and new, I hope you enjoy

Black Honey

Recently, a friend recommended to me a band named Black Honey, telling me I needed to listen to them. Given her track record of having a good taste in music, I got on YouTube, and got listening to them

Liverpool Sound City/Catfish and the Bottlemen Concert Review

A few months ago, I decided I wanted (NEEDED) to see Catfish and The Bottlemen, a band I am IN LOVE with. As this was before The Ride Tour was announced (which I have got tickets to), I looked into the dates they were doing and (surprise!) there weren’t any local to me, except for some festivals. One of the festivals they were doing was Liverpool Sound City, and since there were day tickets available, I coerced a friend into coming with me (He wasn’t too reluctant!) and we bought tickets for the Saturday.

150 Favourite Songs

As this is (going to be) a music blog, a good place to start seems to be my 150 favourite songs…A difficult decision! The first 6 are equal to one another, as I really can’t pick between them: Scatman’s World//Scatman John When the Sun Goes Down//Arctic Monkeys Sell Out//The Levellers Rango//Catfish and the Bottlemen R…